About Us

Founded in 1950 by the Benton brothers, ABC Bail Bonds is one of the oldest bail bonds companies in Texas. Today, it thrives as one of the most experienced bail bonds specialists in Houston, with almost 70 years of business under its belt. Charles and Byron Benton opened ABC Bail Bonds during the hustle and bustle of Houston’s golden age. Their services skyrocketed due to the quality of services provided, and continued thriving until their retirement in 1995. However, their valued services needed good, capable hands. Of course, Charles and Byron Benton knew this; when they eventually found the one, they knew ABC Bail Bonds was in the right care.

Enter David Schmidt

The baton was handed to none other than David Schmidt. As the director of Professional Bondsmen of Texas and member of the Harris County Bail Bond Board, Schmidt continues the Benton’s legacy. To this day, David Schmidt continues providing quality services for Houston residents. Prior to this transition, Schmidt had an already existing in-depth knowledge of the Houston bail bonds industry. Being a long-time Houston resident, working in bail bonds was already a long-time family business for Schmidt. No other Houston resident could match his expertise and experience, nor skillfully continue the Benton brothers’ legacy.

When David Schmidt acquired ABC Bail Bonds, the rest was history. Schmidt’s hands-on approach and continuous effort to find ways helping each client was just what ABC Bail Bonds needed. Thanks to his expertise, we continue providing professional, swift bail bonds services in Houston and Harris County. Today, we do so as efficiently as we did in the 50s.

Our Amazing Staff

Several other staff members from the 90s transition continue to work for ABC Bail Bonds and provide quality care. Besides David Schmidt, agents Diana and Rosa have also remained since the transition, serving Houston for over 20 years now.

Diana is diligent in helping clients. With her big heart, she encourages clients and assists with their legal issues and scheduling. Diana is known for calling clients, reminding them of their court dates, and encourages them to meet their responsibilities. Along with this, she’s known for reminding clients of their appointments—and the importance of attendance. She is an excellent representative of the original Benton brothers’ vision. ABC Bail Bonds agents continue going out of their way to provide quality assistance and care for Houston residents.

Likewise, Rosa is known for working late and providing selfless service to families throughout the night. Since the legal system doesn’t exactly have closing hours, Rosa operates efficiently during the middle of the night as she does during the day. ABC Bail Bonds was originally founded with a certain set of values; Rosa, along with the many other excellent staff members today, continue serving under those values that the Benton brothers began in 1950.

Why ABC Bail Bonds is Different

For ABC Bail Bonds, big bonds are our field of expertise. As a big bond specialist, no bond amount is too large for us, and we always approve. What sets ABC Bail Bonds apart is the fact that our local owners approve all bonds—especially along the East Coast—with no questions asked. Likewise, our West Coast clients in California do not need prior approval from an insurance company when they choose ABC Bail Bonds—a feature that sets us apart from other bail bond specialists. This is the vision the Benton brothers wanted for their company’s clients, and it’s the quality that today’s owners continue to serve.

Our fully bilingual staff has been operating in the exact same spot—across the street from the historic old courthouse—for over 30 years. Texas, especially Houston, has been a multicultural region since its founding. ABC Bail Bonds understands this, and strives to serve every person with equal quality care. We provide traffic bonds, J.P. bonds, out-of-county bonds, along with traditional bail bonds. This is a very important aspect of ABC Bail Bonds. Most bail bonds companies don’t offer the extensive list of services we do, much less with the high quality we’re known for.

Trusted by Multiple Generations

Since  our founding in 1950, we have been the loyal bonds company for multiple generations throughout the years. We serve grandparents, parents, children, and will continue serving future generations to come. We’ve satisfied over 100,000 customers throughout our years of service, many of them generational members within the same families we’ve helped since the beginning.

Our experience—and proven results—have garnered the inter-generational trust of hundreds of families who experienced our unwavering values. ABC Bail Bonds will continue to earn the trust of new families who work with us.

Ask Us and See for Yourself

If you have any questions, comments, or would like more information, please give us a call. Our caring, motivated staff are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to help. We are here to guide you through the process of getting your loved one out of jail as soon as possible, regardless of the bond amount—without a minute to waste.