For obvious reasons, you cannot plan out when you or a loved one will be arrested and placed in police custody. And just like all unexpected life events, jailtime often comes with quite a hefty bill. Most people are not able to afford to pay their full bail amount out of pocket, which is why they turn to a bondsman to help cover these unexpected expenses. Even with the help of a bail bondsman, you could need someone else to back you up on your bond purchase: a co-signer. ABC Bail Bonds understands the financial strain of jailtime and works closely with Harris County residents whenever they need a bail bond. Our friendly team is available to discuss your financial options and answer your questions 24/7, every day of the year. Call us whenever you or a loved one needs to get out of jail fast!

Who is Allowed to Co-Sign?

For the most part, anyone is able to co-sign for a bail bond, but there are a few things your bondsman will likely consider before allowing it. Most bondsmen will accept spouses, relatives, friends or even employers to be a bail bond co-signer. They might also ask questions about income or property ownership (including real estate or vehicles) by the potential co-signer. They want to know these things to ensure that the person has a close relationship with the defendant and that they are able to cover whatever needs to be paid upfront. Different bondsmen might require different things of a co-signer, so be sure to ask when discussing your bail bond agreement.

What Does Co-Signing Require?

Once someone has agreed to co-sign on a bail bond and they are approved by the bondsman, they are expected to fulfill some duties. Co-signing on a bail bond essentially gives responsibility over the defendant to the co-signer. This means that the co-signer is responsible for ensuring the defendant shows up to a specified court date once called upon. Failure of a defendant to show up to a court date leads to fees or even the full bond amount having to be paid back, and the co-signer is expected to cover this in that event. Basically, agreeing to co-sign on a bail bond requires you to make sure the defendant stays in good legal standing and goes through with anything the court requests of them. A detailed description of the bail bonding process can be found on ABC Bail Bond’s website, as well as other helpful information.

ABC Bail Bonds: Simplifying the Bonding Process in Harris County

In the event of you or a loved one being jailed, it is important to know which options you have in the bail bond purchasing process. A lot of people need the help of a co-signer when going for a bail bond, and that is totally acceptable. As long as the co-signer is a trusted, responsible individual, they can help you on the road to freedom.

ABC Bail Bonds works with you in the bail bonding process. We know that jailtime is often unexpected, and we believe that everyone should have their opportunity for freedom, regardless of their financial situation. Houston area residents can give us a call as (713) 222-6222 or visit our website to get in touch with a knowledgeable, fast acting bail bond agent. Our reliable staff is ready to get you out of the fix you’re in, any time of day or night! Call us today for more information.