There are lots of things to consider when searching for a bail bond, and one of the most important things is making sure you are getting the correct type. That’s right, there are multiple types of bail bonds; seven to be exact. ABC Bail Bonds can help you find exactly what kind of bail bond you need to get you or your loved one out of any Harris County, Houston area jail.

Citation Release

This type of release is given when someone is not taken into custody, usually when a minor crime is committed. These are distributed by the arresting officer, so there is no application process for it.

  1. Recognizance Release

This release does not technically deal with money either, it requires a court appearance in front of a judge. Though bail money is not involved, legal fees will be, so it might be more affordable to get a bail bond anyway.

  1. Cash Bail

Any bail can be paid in cash, and in some rare cases it can be paid with a cashier’s check or credit card. Some bails are set high to make it extremely difficult to pay for them in cash, make sure to know the severity of your case. ABC Bail Bonds can give you guidance on what path you need to take.

  1. Surety Bond

This type of bond is the first to be offered by bondsmen and requires you to pay 10% of the bail amount with the promise to show up to a court date. They can be given very quickly, and payment plans can usually be set up with your bondsman as needed.

  1. Property Bond

This bond grants the court full rights to a piece of property, usually real estate, and can take several seeks to secure due to the need for a property assessment. They are not granted in all states, so they might not be the best option.

  1. Federal Bail Bond

These are the only type of bail bonds that can be used for federal crimes. These cannot happen with the assistance of a bondsman, and both cash and property can be used to secure them.

  1. Immigration Bond

This bond is used for non-citizens and non-residents of the United States. Be sure to seek a bondsman with experience in immigration bonds, as they can be a lot to figure out. ABC Bail Bonds specializes in immigration bond cases, and are ready to use our relationship with ICE to help your sticky situation.

  1. Voluntary Departure Bond

These give the option to voluntarily leave the country within a certain amount of time. The departure bond can be refunded once the person has left the country, if not, the refund will be forfeited.

ABC Bail Bonds Simplifies Your Options in all of Harris County

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