Depending on which city someone is arrested in and the nature of their crime, their bail is going to be set in different ways and at varying prices. We are going to break down how bail is typically set in the city of Houston. If you or a loved one has been arrested in Harris County and needs help acquiring a bail bond, ABC Bail Bonds is ready to assist. We are the oldest and most reliable bail bond company in the city, and no one understands Houston’s jail system as well as we do.

How Houston Decides Bail Prices

Houston sets their bail depending on the nature and severity of a defendant’s crime. Harris County has a base level price per felony crime. There are many factors that can cause that number to increase. For instance, in a drug or theft case, the bail might be set to double the value of the drugs or the stolen property. The bail can also rise if the accused has a history of felony charges. Additionally, more severe felony charges, such as capital murder, will likely not be eligible for bail at all. Your ability to be released on bail can also be revoked if you have a history of violating probation or have evaded mandatory court appearances in the past.

Why Would Bail Prices Vary?

The main reason a judge would set different bail prices for the same crimes is because they want to guarantee the defendant makes an appearance in court. Essentially, if an arrestee does not have a history of crimes or of avoiding court appearances, the judge does not have reason to believe they are a threat to the public or that they will not show up to their newly set court dates. If someone has a history with the legal system or has committed a very serious crime, the courts do not want to take the risk of allowing them back into the public. Therefore, they will set their bond very high so that the defendant is basically guaranteed to be placed in front of a judge when their day in court comes.

ABC Bail Bonds: Making Houston’s Bail Bond Process Simpler

There can be a lot of frustration and confusion when you or a loved one is arrested, but judges do have reason for setting bail the way they do. More than anything, it is about maintaining public safety and ensuring those charged with serious crimes appear in court.

If Houston’s bail process seems overwhelming, is it a good idea to work with a trusted bail bondsman to help you through it. ABC Bail Bonds has been serving Harris County arrestees and their families since 1950. We know Houston’s legal system like the back of our hand, and we are happy to help our community members get through their most difficult times. Call us at (713) 222-6222 or visit our website for more on our history in the city and the many bonds we offer. Our friendly, professional team is always standing by to offer assistance.