If you know someone in jail or recently arrested, the best thing to do is get them out fast. Typically, bail bonds are the cheapest and quickest option available to release any inmate from jail. While it’s easy to find just any bail bondsman, it’s important to choose a reputable company with a good history. As a trusted bail bonds service in Houston and Harris County, ABC Bail Bonds has compiled this list of essential things to look for when finding a bail bondsman.

A Good Bail Bondsman Helps You Learn the Process

A good bondsman helps you understand the process of obtaining a bail bond. Purchasing a bail bond may be easy, but it has certain strings attached that require understanding. First and foremost, a bail bond is like a contract. After you get a bail bond (by paying for 10% of the bail), the bondsman pays for the remaining amount and releases the inmate. 

A bail bond ensures the defendant appears for their court date and meets all their legal obligations. If the defendant decides to flee or never shows up to court, the bail bondsman becomes responsible for the total bail bond amount.

They Help You Understand the Financial Obligation

Due to the nature of bail bonds, the contract is very strict. That’s why bail bondsmen typically require a third person to act as a guarantor when getting a bail bond. This third person usually becomes responsible for paying the whole bail bond if the defendant fails to meet their obligations.

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Google the Bailbondsman

Anyone purchasing a bail bond should do a fair amount of Googling and internet research. Sometimes a bail bond company will have terrible reviews, or not enough to ensure credibility. When finding a bail bondsman, make sure they have enough good reviews to ensure they can be trusted.

Making Sure the Bail Bondsman is Trustworthy

Seek a bail bondsman with many years of experience in the bonding industry. Typically, bail bond companies with decades of experience and multiple generations working within the company have the best reputations.

Check the Bail Bondsman’s Credentials

Before choosing a bail bondsman, make sure they have a good grade on the Better Bail Bureau. Bail bondsman with a grade A on the Better Bail Bureau typically have good customer relations and can be trusted.

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Make Sure the Bail Bondsman is Licensed

Before choosing a bail bondsman, make sure they have a current bail license and a good history. Sometimes, the bail bondsman has a suspended or restricted license due to misconduct. When searching for a bail bondsman, ask them if they’ve ever been sued by a client. The State Department of Insurance can also provide this information for you.

Read the Bail Bond Contract Before Signing

Of course, you must always read the bail bond contract in its entirety before signing. Additionally, keep a copy of the bail bond contract with you along with the detailed monthly payment plan. Any interest charged by the bail bondsman should also be documented in the contract. A good bail bondsman is clear and direct about the outline of the contract, and always makes sure you’re on the same page.

ABC Bail Bonds

ABC Bail Bonds is a multi-generational bail bonds company in Harris County. We’ve been serving the Greater Houston area for over 30 years, and have an excellent reputation with our customers. For information on how to bail someone out of jail today, contact us.