Something most people hope to never experience is the arrest process, but as troubles can happen to anyone, it does not hurt to know what it consists of. In addition to the actual process of arrest, it is good to know how exactly to get out of jail, which typically requires the assistance of a bail bondsman. ABC Bail Bonds is the most reliable bail bonding company in Houston and all of Harris County. Our agents are experienced; they can answer all the questions you have during this scary time and they know how to get you or a loved one out of jail as quickly as possible.

A Crime is Committed

Once a supposed crime has been reported or witnessed, depending on the severity of the offense, a suspect will be placed under arrest by the reporting arresting officer. This includes the suspect being placed in the back of a cop car and taken to a police station, where the booking process will then commence. It’s important to remember to exercise your right to remain silent during this phase of the arrest process.

At the Station

Once the suspect has been brought to the police station, they are known as a defendant and the booking process begins. The first thing that happens is the defendant’s name is recorded. They are then officially charged with the crime they are being accused of and their mug shot is taken. After this, they are placed into a cell, and depending on how efficient their bondsman is, they could remain there for quite some time.

To shorten the time you or your loved one is in police custody, it is best to have a quick bondsman on your side. Harris County residents can rely on ABC Bail Bonds, the fastest acting bail bondsman in the Houston area.

Getting Released

For most people, the first step to being released from custody is contacting a bail bondsman. Bails are usually set very high in an attempt to make it difficult for the average person to afford their release, which is where a bondsman comes into play. When purchasing a bail bond, the buyer will be expected to cover 10% of the bond’s total, while the bondsman will cover the rest up-front.

After locating the defendant and processing their information, a contract is signed between the bond buyer and bondsman, agreeing that the defendant will attend court and follow all other required legal expectations. A bondsman will then go to the station to post the defendant’s bond, allowing them to return to their lives and loved ones. ABC Bail Bonds understands the desire to be reunited with your family; that is why we work as though our clients are part of our own.

ABC Bail Bonds: The Fastest Bondsman in Harris County

When something goes wrong, the arrest process can feel like a whirlwind. As fast as a mistake is made, someone can end up in police custody without any idea of what to do next. Getting out of jail and back on track with your life is not something you want to wait around on, so it is vital to work with a bondsman that understands the importance of freedom and moves fast to secure your release.

ABC Bail Bonds is the oldest and fastest bonding company in all of Houston, TX and Harris County. As a family-owned company, we understand the rush to get out of jail and back with your loved ones. Call us any time, any day at (713) 222-6222 or visit our website to learn more about bail bonds and how ABC can help you.