Getting arrested can be a frustrating experience, and if you’re able to secure your release through bail, then there is a good chance that you’ve at least thought about skipping out on your court date to avoid dealing with the process. The reality is though, that modern technology and digital networks are making this decision a very bad idea. At ABC Bail Bonds, our team of professional bail bonds agents has spent years helping Texans work through the challenges of securing a release from jail through bail so that they can get a head start on dealing with their arrest and court proceedings.

Over the years, we’ve seen first-hand the consequences that individuals have to face when they decide to try and skip out on their court dates after getting released on bail. Trying to run away has never been a good idea, and with each passing year, it is getting harder and harder to stay hidden thanks to how quickly information can be accessed. To help people get a clearer understanding of why skipping out on bail is such a bad idea, we decided to go over some of the major consequences.

You Should Expect to Get Caught

When faced with the struggle of upcoming court dates and potential consequences following an arrest, the urge to simply run away from it all can be very tempting. The reality is though, that running away will inevitably make everything worse. Even if law enforcement agencies won’t be out in force searching for you, professional bounty hunters will be on the trail if you used a bail bond agency to secure your release.

When a bail bond agency works with you to secure your release after an arrest, there is an expectation that you will attend any upcoming court dates. Failing to appear means that the bail bond agency will be required to cover the full cost of bail if they can’t find you and return you to the court. This means that there is a large cash incentive to make sure that you are brought back, and there are professionals who are willing to take the time and expend the effort needed to follow your trail.

A New Warrant Will Be Issued

Skipping out on bail and leaving town doesn’t automatically wash away your problems with the justice system. A new warrant is issued for your arrest, and even a general traffic stop will register this problem. Once an arrest warrant is part of your record, any interaction you have with the justice system will likely result in spending additional time behind bars, with additional charges, and virtually no chance of being released again any time soon. Worst of all, these concerns will get in the way of any plans you might have to rent an apartment, secure a loan, or even get employed at a new job.

The Co-Signer Will Be Responsible

In many cases, you will need the help of a friend or family member to secure your release from jail through a bail bond agency. If someone worked with you to co-sign the bail agreement, then they will become immediately responsible for the amount of money lost by the bail agency if you choose to avoid your court dates. In most cases, this amount will be thousands upon thousands of dollars, and the chances of them being able to safely repay that amount will likely be very low. This means that choosing to skip out on bail will have huge consequences not only for your life but also for the life of the person who agreed to co-sign your release forms. 

Your Family Will Deal with Consequences

When thinking about skipping out on bail, it can be easy to forget about your family. When trying to determine your location, one of the first things that law enforcement or professional bounty hunters will do is reach out to your friends and family. This means that they’ll be dragged into the situation, and it could have a negative impact on their lives as well as their opinion of you. In some cases, they could even be held responsible for your decision to run away, and it could cause lasting damage to your relationship in the long run.

ABC Bail Bonds: Your Get-Out-of-Jail Experts in Houston, TX

 Instead of trying to run away from your responsibilities after getting released, your best option is to attend all your court dates and work closely with your bail bond agent to make sure everything is taken care of the right way. By going through the process properly, you can make surprising steps that can help protect you from future problems and put the past behind you as quickly as possible instead of prolonging the stress and troubles. Call ABC Bail Bonds in Houston to learn more about your options for getting out of jail fast!