When you are granted a release on your own recognizance (ROR), you are formally promising in writing that you will appear at court date. Essentially, it is a promise, granted at a magistrates discretion. But what qualifies someone for an ROR? In this post, we will attempt to further define a release on one’s own recognizance and explain what goes into deciding who is granted them. 

Own Recognizance Defined

An ROR, or a personal bond, is defined by Texas Penal Code as a release for the defendant without any sureties or securities. Essentially, if a judge deems you eligible for a personal bond, he will release you without having to pay a cash amount for bail. 

All the defendant must do is sign a sworn statement that says they will appear at their assigned court hearing. It is particularly unwise to violate the terms of your ROR by failing to appear at your court appointment as it ensures that privilege will never be granted again. 

A personal bond is different from a standard surety bond as the latter requires a cash amount to be paid to the court for the defendant to be released from jail. In these scenarios, the defendant will contact a bail bondsman to lend the money in exchange for a nonrefundable percentage of the amount. 

Who Qualifies for an Own Recognizance Bond?

A judge will release you on your own recognizance only if you satisfy a number of conditions. It is important to note that the approval for a personal bond is decided at the judges discretion, so although you may meet the guidelines listed below, you may not be granted a personal bond.

The criteria that a judge looks at to determine whether you can be released on your own recognizance is almost identical to those that he would look at when determining your bail amount. These include:

– past criminal history

-your court attendance history

– ties to the community

– employment status

While other factors are considered, these are among the most important. Your income may also be a factor as those with higher incomes have a greater chance of being labeled a flight risk, which forfeits any right to bail. 

How Do I Get an Own Recognizance Bond?

The only thing in your control that you can do to increase your chances of receiving an ROR is to follow the guidelines listed above. Since it is exclusively up to the judge to grant you this privilege, there is no way to ensure the certainty that you will receive it. 

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